Home Town Pte Ltd – Full Stack


Home Town Pte Ltd was established since 2001 as an import and trading company providing online grocery delivery mainly to the food service sectors and home delivery in Singapore.

We were approached by Home Town Pte Ltd to build their e-commerce website as well as setup their web and email infrastructure. Being new to online business, they approach us to help increase their online exposure.


Home Town Pte Ltd is trying to target the Vietnamese and Thai restaurant owner in Singapore to look for Vietnamese/Thai product, we immediately identify the keywords that are most relevant to our client business and work on the site’s SEO to increase Home Town Pte Ltd page rank on Google.

With these keywords, we work with the client to come out the website’s meta title and description for each page. Once this ground work is done, we start promoting the website across various websites as well as social platforms.

After 6 months of SEO effort, we have increase all targeted keywords to the first few spot in Google Search.

updated 7th Aug 2016

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