Physique Engineer – Web Development


We were approached by Edison from Physique Engineer to create a new website.

Edison is a personal trainer who use to have a blog on WordPress. He has always wanted to sell his training service online but often being frustrated with the limitation and complexity from other SaaS & open source platform.

PayPal Integration

Physique Engineer is integrated with PayPal to provide payment service for the offered services.

Integrating with Instagram

Physique Engineer is connected to Instagram using it’s API to pull stream of photo feed from their Instagram account, onto Physique Engineer homepage. This allows users to see Instagram photo directly without requiring them to go to Instagram to view.

Integrating with Twitter

Physique Engineer also leverage from Twitter feed to display the latest tweet from their Twitter account on the homepage.

MailChimp Integration

MailChimp is also integrated to allow user on Physique Engineer to subscribe to newsletter service.

Content Management

Full Stack Consultancy develop a custom content management system that gives full control over all content as well as tracking the online orders. Edison can now blog, manage content as well as tracking orders & payment from a single platform. Sharing features are also integrated so Edison can easily share content on his social channel easily.

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Client Testimonial

I was being refer to Danny from a friend of mine when he know I wanted to do a social media marketing. Danny is the first person I met in this trade who have so much patience to lent me his ears and put in the extra mile to do it better than what I had suggested on my webpage. I called him up a few time for some modifications on my webpage, he did it fast and efficient without any delay and charge totally reasonably. I have to say he is the only one for now I will look into every time I have any social media problem. – Edison, Physique Engineer