Workforce Advancement Federation Ltd – Web Development


Workforce Advancement Federation Ltd (WAF) is a non-profit organisation incorporated to provide assistance and support to the local business communities in building a sustainable workforce.

WAF approach Full Stack Consultancy to develop their corporate website in 3 months for their official launch. This website will consist of a Members’ Portal to cater to members’ needs as well as the main corporate website. A CRM & CMS system must also be in place to manage the data to be captured on both Website and Members’ Portal.

Full Stack Consultancy takes up the challenge and within 1 month, we deploy the main website first with our custom build CMS system for WAF. The next 2 months we launch the Members’ Portal that allow member to login and view exclusive content, as well as added modules to the custom build CRM & CMS system that gives WAF full control over all content on the website as well as track the members’ information.

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We really enjoyed working with Danny on the development of our website and CRM functions. Not only was he able to provide us with sound advice & suggestions for improvisation, he also delivers what he has promised despite working within a tight timeframe. His professionalism and dedication towards his work really given us the assurance of the quality of work produced. We are truly appreciative of him going the extra mile to provide good service which is certainly commendable! – Celine, WAF